Offline Poker Etiquette

Having learned poker from scratch and played enough in online poker, one day, we still want to play real poker with people, go to a poker club or casino and feel the whole atmosphere that prevails at the poker table.

In order to avoid regrettable mistakes that can affect both your reputation and very often the course of the game itself, you need to know some rules of behavior at the gaming table Agen Judi Bola Terbesar. Make you feel comfortable at a real poker table. To begin with, some rules of behavior, non-compliance with which leads to errors in the game.

ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CARD CHIPS ON THE TABLE. Your cards should always be on the table. In any poker institution, it is forbidden to lower cards below the table, as well as remove them from the table up to the ban on visiting this institution. Always keep your stack in front of you, do not close it with your hands. The dealer does not deal cards to the player, but to the stack.

Very often people who don’t play at the moment can sit down on empty seats, in tournaments, there are constant transfers of players due to the disbandment of other tables, it is difficult for the dealer to navigate by players. Therefore he is guided by the stack. And other players have the right to see your stack because many decisions in poker are based on the size of the opponent’s stack, and players need to form an opinion on the size of your stack correctly.

Also, according to poker etiquette, chips with a higher denomination should be placed closer (for display), and chips with a smaller denomination should be placed further. This is necessary so that opponents can estimate the number of chips in your stack.

Very often, novice players make this mistake: they raise simply silently putting a chip of a large denomination. For example, in the 50/100 blinds, the player silently put a chip with a face value of 500 on the table.